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Comprehensive Guide to Replacement Windows

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When it comes to choosing replacement windows, the process can feel overwhelming. With so many different types of windows, materials & options to go through, knowing what to look for can be difficult for the average homeowner, and that is why we created this comprehensive guide to help you navigate through this process.

If you have a question about replacement windows that isn’t featured here, or require further information, contact us for assistance!

1 – What are the Most Popular Types of Replacement Windows?

The most popular types of windows that we offer are double-hung, single-hung, awning, bay windows, bow windows, garden, casement, hopper, picture and sliding. 

Awning Windows

Awning windows open from the bottom, tilting outward via hinges on the frame, creating an awning-like effect. That means they can be opened and enjoyed even during a storm, as their unique design prevents rain from getting in your home.  

Bay Windows

Bay windows extend outward from the house, and consist of a central, fixed window that is flanked by angled vent windows on each side.

Bow Windows

Bow windows consist of at least four windows that are joined together. Like bay windows, bow windows extend outward, moving beyond the walls of the house. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows are excellent for ventilation and airflow, as the entire window swings open like a door via hinges along the side. They can open a full 90 degrees, allowing you to angle them as you see fit.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows consist of two sashes, each of which can be opened for maximum ventilation and airflow. Double-hung windows are very popular, as they are a great fit for almost any style of home. 

Garden Windows

Garden windows feature four panes of energy-efficient glass and add a unique architectural embellishment to your home. These windows can provide a lot of light and, as the name suggests, make a great “garden” for houseplants that need lots of sunlight. 

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows feature a single pane of glass that’s hinged at the bottom. They offer exceptional ventilation, which makes them the ideal choice for stuffy basements that could use some fresh air.

Picture Windows

Picture windows provide a clear view of what’s outside, but they do not open. However, they do come in a variety of sizes, and can provide you with an unobstructed, picturesque view of your exterior.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows use two sashes, one of which is fixed, while the other opens by “sliding” horizontally, providing you with excellent airflow and a great view.

2 – What Are The Benefits of Window Replacement?

Some of the benefits of window replacement include increased security, higher energy-efficiency, lower utility costs, year round comfort, enhanced curb appeal, and much more.

3 – How Do I Know I Need New Windows?

There are some tell-tale signs that it might be time to upgrade your windows. The most obvious are when your windows are cracked or warped. Even small holes in your windows can have a significant effect on the amount of conditioned air that escapes your home.

If your energy bills are higher than average, it might be due to outdated windows. Investing in modern styles with more energy-efficient designs could save you money over the years.

4 – Can I Have My Windows Replaced in Winter?

Yes, you can have your windows replaced in winter, at least depending on the severity of the conditions. Believe it or not, there are actually benefits to having your windows replaced in the winter, including saving on heating costs, installation price cuts, flexible scheduling and more.

5 – What Are Signs That I Need Replacement Windows?

If your window is drafty, cracked, difficult to operate, and lets in outside noises and temperatures, then it is definitely time to consider getting replacement windows. 

6 – How Long Does My Warranty Last?

Home Guard offers a lifetime warranty, meaning that you are covered for as long as you live in the house where they’re installed. The warranty is also transferable, meaning that you can sell the house and transfer your window warranty to the new owner.

7 – How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows?

The cost of replacement windows depends on a variety of factors, including the materials, type of glass, type of window, and associated warranties, along with any installation & service fees. 

8 – How Often Should I Replace My Windows?

With other companies and manufacturers, it could be every 15-20 years. With RJW Exteriors and Home Guard Windows, the answer is once. Top-tier products and warranties are what make RJW Exteriors and Home Guard Windows the exception. We value our customers and only provide them with the best products, service and advice we possibly can.

9 – What Does My Warranty Cover

Our warranties cover window frames, glass, hardware, screens, insulating argon gas and more. Unlike some of our competitors, we believe in giving our customers the most powerful warranties we possibly can in order to protect the investment they made by purchasing and installing replacement windows.

10 – What Should You Look For in a Window?

There are five main factors to consider while searching for replacement windows: product quality, energy efficiency, insulation, pricing (of course), and warranty.

11 – What is a Window’s R-Value?

An R-value shows how proficient a given form of insulation is at keeping heat from leaving (or entering) a home. The higher the R-value, the more effective and energy efficient the insulation.

A typical home has an R-value of 13; our windows have an R-value of 21, meaning they have even more insulative power than an average house!

12 – When Is The Best Time to Do a Window Replacement Project?

Summer and early fall are the perfect time for a window project. By the time winter rolls around, you’ll get to enjoy the dramatic reduction in your energy bills (typically around 30%) and the dramatic increase in comfort. You’ll be able to see firsthand that, no matter what season it is, our windows perform.

13 – Should I Replace All Windows At Once?

Although replacing all of your windows at once is a bigger initial investment, there are several benefits to doing it this way, namely it’s quicker, more efficient, and far less stressful. In other words, if you can afford to replace all of your windows at once, you should strongly consider it.

14 – Do Replacement Windows Increase My Home’s Value?

Yes! Part of the reason that replacement windows are such a good investment is that they dramatically increase your home’s resale value. They also enhance the curb appeal of your home, making it easier for prospective buyers to become interested.

15 – Are Replacement Windows a Good Investment?

At RJW Exteriors, we believe that window replacements are the best investment you can possibly make for your home. This is because they will provide you with year-round comfort, they will help you save significantly on energy costs, they will provide additional safety and security and they will greatly increase your home’s resale value and curb appeal.

16 – What Is the Best Replacement Window Brand?

We believe that our customers should receive the best product possible when they order replacement windows from us. As such, we exclusively use products from Home Guard Windows. They are energy efficient, durable, and greatly outperform competing brands. Best of all, they offer incredible lifetime warranties.

17 – Should I Replace or Repair my Windows?

Depending on the severity of the damage or inoperability, you might be better off buying replacement windows than going through the hassle of window repairs. Indeed, the long-term benefits of window replacement can greatly outweigh the cost of repairs.

18 – How Do I Prepare My House For A Replacement Window Project?

If you have a replacement window project in the near future, you can help prepare your home for the contractors by taking a few simple steps, such as clearing the way, removing things hanging on the walls, and moving furniture and other obstructions elsewhere.

19 – Do Replacement Windows Pay For Themselves?

Although the initial cost of a window replacement project might seem considerable, the amount of money saved over time in energy costs, repairs and maintenance quickly start to pile up. In other words, replacement windows can and do pay for themselves over time with the level of benefits they bring to the table.

20 – How Long is the Life of a Replacement Window?

Both Home Guard Windows and RJW Exteriors believe that you should only have to replace your windows once. As such, we are adamant that our windows will last you as long as you live in your house. And if something does end up happening to your replacement windows, our lifetime warranties can set things straight.