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Sliding Windows

A house with a large front yard and a large driveway.

Easy to Use with Great Views and Airflow

Sliding windows use two sashes, one of which is fixed, while the other opens by “sliding” horizontally, providing you with excellent airflow and a great view. Our sliding windows use Narrowline frames and large panes so you can enjoy the best view possible while enjoying the ease of use and low maintenance.

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Long-Lasting And Easy-To-Use

Sliding windows are known for being easy to use, easy to clean, and for providing ventilation along with a great view.

However, what sets Home Guard’s sliding windows apart from other window types is in their construction: where other windows use elements like springs and pulleys to open, theirs feature dual-brass rollers and a stainless steel axle. With fewer moving parts than competitors, Home Guard’s sliding windows are lower maintenance, making them even more durable and longer-lasting.

Ease-of-use and durability aside, Home Guard’s sliding windows have large panes that provide a beautiful look at the outdoors, with no part of the frame getting in the way of your view.

Sliding windows are also capable of excellent ventilation, making them a popular choice for kitchens, but they’re a great fit for any room that needs good airflow. Additionally, our sliding windows are an excellent way to flood a room with light, and their simple designs can enhance a home’s overall aesthetic.