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Leadership Team

A person wearing a blue button-up shirt with the logo "RJW Exteriors" stands smiling in a blurred indoor setting.Robert Watts


Robert Watts is passionate about adding top-notch value and beauty to any exterior space. As the founder of RJW Exteriors, he brings his extensive years of experience to propel the team. He began his business at the age of 23 & worked alongside his father who was a roofer. 

Robert’s years of experience have equipped him with an unparalleled approach to remodeling projects, visual representation, and project management. In his career years, he has completed projects that
require a high level of artistic appraisal and delivery.

Robert is also an Eagle Scout & a Desert Storm Navy veteran. He uses his military experience to lead a team of like-minded individuals. Alongside this team of skilled contractors, Robert delivers outstanding remodeling inputs that exceed clients’ goals. He understands that remodeling can be overwhelming, so he assists clients to make favorable decisions that suit their needs. He also keeps abreast of the latest industry trends and tech to ensure that remodeling processes are of the highest quality and standards.

Robert finds every aspect of his job to be equally rewarding and fulfilling.

Robert places the satisfaction of his clients as his utmost priority always. He is best known for his honesty, integrity, value for customers, & superior work ethic. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family, traveling in his RV or boating on Lake Hopatcong and visiting the neighborhood parks with his 2 dogs.

A woman with long brown hair wearing a navy blue zip-up fleece stands against a blurred indoor background.

Brenna O’Connor


Brenna is our Chief Operating Officer & certified EOS Integrator. After joining the RJW Exteriors team, Brenna quickly developed a passion for the business & most importantly, the experience we provide our customers. Brenna is dedicated to ensuring that every project we complete is something our customers, as well as our team, can genuinely be proud of. Brenna is a local to the area, growing up right on the other side of Lake Hopatcong. Outside of the office, Brenna spends her time getting outdoors or enjoying quality time
with her two Labradors, Della and Savannah.

A person with glasses and long hair wearing a navy blue shirt with a logo is smiling slightly while standing indoors.

Meagan Brancato

Marketing Operations Manager

Meagan graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications in 2012. Before joining the RJW Team, she worked in various industries as a Marketing and Social Media Manager. Meagan is a lover of classic movies and orchestra music. In her spare time, you can find her reading a true crime novel, traveling the world, or spending time outdoors with her husband, daughter, and dog.


A person wearing a navy blue RJW Exteriors shirt is smiling. They are standing in front of a blurred indoor background.
Joe Friedman

Exterior Design Specialist

A man in a navy RJW Exteriors shirt stands indoors in a professional setting, smiling at the camera.
John Tasker

Exterior Design Specialist


A woman with long blonde hair and a slight smile wears a dark blue shirt. She stands in a brightly lit, blurred background, possibly a modern office or workspace.
Kayla Davis

Call Center Manager

A person with long blonde hair smiles at the camera, wearing a dark shirt with a logo that reads "RJN". The background is blurred.
Hilary Wilt

Scheduling Supervisor

Young man with short curly hair and a trimmed beard, wearing a navy blue shirt with a white logo. The background is blurred, suggesting an indoor setting, possibly an office or workspace.
Gabriel Conrad

Customer Care Ambassador

A person with curly dark hair wearing a navy blue shirt with an "RJW Exteriors" logo smiles at the camera. The background appears to be an indoor space with a blurred setting.
Michelle Crowley

Call Center Agent

A smiling woman with long hair wearing a black beanie and a navy blue shirt stands indoors with a blurred background.
Jennifer Bailes

Call Center Agent

A person with a beard, wearing a blue hoodie, stands indoors with a blurred background.
Dan Cabello

Call Center Agent

Production and Service

A bearded man in a navy blue polo shirt with "RJW Exteriors" logo stands inside a brightly lit room.
Jim Bucher

Operations Manager

A person wearing a navy blue RJW Exteriors t-shirt is smiling with a blurred indoor background.
Joseph Janiec

Project Manager

A man wearing a black cap and a navy blue polo shirt with an "RW" logo is smiling at the camera. The background is a blurred indoor setting.
Rich Luciano

Project Manager

A man with a beard and glasses smiles at the camera. He is wearing a blue shirt with the letters "RIW" on it. The background is blurred and appears to be an indoor setting.
Tyler Miller

Project Manager

A woman with long wavy blonde hair smiles at the camera, wearing a navy blue shirt in an indoor, brightly lit setting.
Pysha Siwiela

Administration Manager

A person with shoulder-length blond hair wearing a navy blue shirt with a white logo on the front stands in a room with blurred background.
Doreen Meller

Production Administrative Assistant

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