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Protect Your Home with the Unparalleled Quality of CertainTeed

CertainTeed’s asphalt shingles add a touch of designer style and are backed by premium 50-year warranties.

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CertainTeed Roofing Contractor
At RJW Exteriors, we believe that every family deserves a roofing solution that fits their exact needs—from style and energy efficiency to weather resistance and price. That’s why we’ve specialized in the highest-quality, most-customizable roof shingles since 1994! As a CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster, we can help you mix and match from the industry’s most proven roofing products. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, we’ll listen carefully to your needs to help you decide on the right CertainTeed products for your home.
Why Choose a CertainTeed Roof Replacement?
CertainTeed’s asphalt shingles are one of our preferred products designed for the ultimate performance under any climate conditions—and our roofing contractors are manufacturer-certified for expert installations! Here’s what you can expect from a CertainTeed roof installed by RJW Exteriors:
  • Added Protection: CertainTeed’s dual-layered, heavyweight design provides reliable protection against weather and climate. Your roof replacement will also be rated for Class A fire-resistance.
  • Customized Beauty: We can help you select your preferred roofing details, including designer, luxury, and traditional shingle options.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Not only are our roofers trained by CertainTeed, but they’re also committed to clean, professional job sites. You won’t find even a single scrap of debris left behind!
  • Attic Analysis: During your CertainTeed roof installation, we’ll also inspect your attic to ensure that all ventilation is properly installed—preventing any future headaches with sealed-in moisture or hot air.
  • Enhanced Warranty: As a manufacturer-certified roofing company, we provide the exclusive SureStart™ PLUS warranty that covers materials, labor, tear-off, and disposal costs for up to 50 years!
CertainTeed is a first-rate roof manufacturer, with products that we here at RJW Exteriors know and trust. Our licensed and insured roofers will make sure that you enjoy all of the benefits of this uniquely durable, stylish material.
Learn More About CertainTeed Shingles and Get a Free Assessment Now
Curious about the long-term benefits of CertainTeed roofing? Then learn more by reaching out to RJW Exteriors today! We’d be happy to set up a free assessment with our with our experienced roofers to review our many top-quality roofing solutions. We promise an educational, informative approach that takes your needs into account.
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