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Awning Windows

A living room with a bay window.

Fresh Air

Awning windows are easy to use and perfect for
hard-to-reach locations. They open from the bottom & tilt outwards via hinges on the frame to create an awning-like effect. In other words, they can be opened & enjoyed even during a storm, as their unique design prevents rain from getting in your home.

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Let The Breeze In, Keep The Rain Out

Awning windows are simple to use, versatile in function, and an excellent choice for those seeking security, ventilation and the freedom to enjoy a nice breeze, rain or shine.

Awning windows are perfect for several rooms, including bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms & more. Since they can be opened in virtually any kind of weather without fear of the elements getting in, you can use them worry-free, regardless of location.

Hinged at the top, our awning replacement windows open by tilting outwards, creating an awning-like effect that allows for excellent airflow but prevents rain or other debris from coming in. Furthermore, due to their unique features and smaller size, they’re able to be placed higher up, allowing for greater light and additional privacy. Best of all, our awning windows are energy efficient and have one of the lowest air infiltration
rates in the industry.