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Hopper Windows

A blue and white kitchen with a plant in the sink.

Let Your Basement Breathe with Hopper Windows

Hopper windows feature a single pane of glass that’s hinged at the bottom. They are perfect for utilizing limited wall space, and they offer exceptional ventilation, which makes them the ideal choice for basements or other stuffy locations that are in need of some fresh air.

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Let In Natural Light And A Fresh Breeze

Don’t let their simple design and deceptively small frame size fool you: hopper windows can provide a lot of light and superior ventilation to practically any room they’re installed in.

The unique design of our custom-manufactured hopper windows, a single pane of glass that’s hinged at the bottom, allows for them to be opened up to 90 degrees for direct airflow, while their unobstructed glass allows for a clear view of the outside world and a great amount of natural light.

With their smaller size, hopper windows are most commonly installed in bathrooms or basements, but they’re also a fine fit for kitchens, laundry rooms or anywhere else where some much-needed ventilation, light, or unique visual flair would go a long way.