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What Does My Window Warranty Cover?

At RJW Exteriors, most of the products we install for our customers are protected by industry-leading manufacturer warranties, such as those that come with Home Guard Windows, our replacement window brand.

Without a doubt, Home Guard Windows offers the best range of warranties across the industry, with coverage including the frame, hardware (moving parts), glass, and even the argon gas used for insulation! Better yet, these are lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranties!

You won’t find a better replacement window warranty than what RJW Exteriors and Home Guard Windows bring to the table, and we’re happy to tell you why in greater detail.

What Is Covered By Our Window Warranty?

Unlike some of our competitors, we believe in giving our customers the most powerful warranties we possibly can in order to protect the investment they made by purchasing and installing replacement windows. Some of the elements covered by these protections include:

Window Frames – with Home Guard’s generous warranties, you’ll never fear frame damage again. RJW’s elite installation team will have things set before you know it!

Glass – although the Cardinal glass we use in our windows is incredibly durable, breaks are still a possibility. Thankfully, you can rest easy knowing that the replacement glass (and the labor needed to install it) is completely covered by warranty.

Hardware – our warranties cover the cost of any replacement parts or hardware you might need for your windows, such as crank handles and locks, and we also cover the cost of installation.

Screens – if your screen tears or becomes damaged, we can have a specialist sent out to replace it as soon as possible. As expected, the replacement part, and the associated labor, are covered by warranty.

Insulating Argon Gas – our Home Guard windows use argon gas for insulation. It’s housed between the frames of glass, and if there’s any issue with it, such as a leak, we have it covered.

Better yet, Home Guard’s warranties include coverage for manufacturing defects, meaning that if our hardware fails for one reason or another, it’s on us. Why should you suffer for a mistake made during the manufacturing process?

How Long Does The Warranty Last?

Home Guard offers a lifetime warranty, meaning that you are covered for as long as you live in the house where they’re installed. The warranty is also transferable, meaning that you can sell the house and transfer your window warranty to the new owner.

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RJW Exteriors is proud to offer affordable and reliable installation of high-quality products and materials. We rely only on leading brands for every one of our remodeling projects in New Jersey. You can trust us to install the best of the best in replacement vinyl windows and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about window replacement service and lifetime warranties, give RJW Exteriors a call or fill out our online contact form. We’ll be happy to set up a free consultation to discuss our warranties and services. You can also ask for a free quote on any of our window or door replacement services today!