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How Long Does My Window Warranty Last?

At RJW Exteriors, we back up the work of our professional installers with unbeatable warranties on both the laborer and manufacturer side to ensure that the improvements we make for your home will continue to benefit you and your family for many years to come.

What Warranties Does RJW Exteriors Offer?

Most of the products we install for our customers are protected by industry-leading manufacturer warranties, such as the warranties that come with Home Guard Windows, our replacement window brand which has arguably the best warranties in the entire business.

Their window frames, glass, insulation, moving parts, hardware, screens and even leaking argon gas are all covered by lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranties.

However, what truly sets RJW Exteriors apart is that, in addition to the applicable manufacturer warranties for the hardware, we also offer lifetime material and installation warranties.

But the benefits don’t end there: RJW Exteriors is proud to provide lifetime warranties for both parts and labor, even in the case of accidental breakage, meaning we’ve got you covered from all angles!

How RJW Exteriors’ Warranties Protect Your Investment

At RJW Exteriors, our business model is simple: a one-time investment and no further costs.

On the other hand, competitors like Renewal by Andersen only offer a minimal warranty for window-related labor. If you need a new lock, for example, the hardware itself is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, but the labor to actually install new parts or make repairs is NOT.

In other words, you might be paying $250-300 just for Andersen’s team to show up, and then nearly $80 an hour for them to install an $11 part.

You’ve already bought a window from them, so why should you continue to be charged for necessary maintenance and servicing?

RJW is a one time investment with no continuing costs. Other companies ask you to make an initial investment, and then charge you a continuing cost for maintenance.

We offer warranties for lifetime parts and lifetime labor. No other company can say the same.

Contact RJW Exteriors To Learn More About Our Unmatched Warranties

RJW Exteriors is proud to offer affordable, reliable installation of high-quality products and materials. We rely only on leading brands for every one of our remodeling projects in New Jersey. You can trust us to install the best of the best in windows and doors.

If you are interested in learning more about window replacement service and lifetime warranties, give RJW Exteriors a call or fill out our online contact form. We’ll be happy to set up a free consultation to discuss our warranties and services. You can also ask about a free quote on any of our home remodeling services today!