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When Should You Replace Your Home’s Windows?

Why You Should Replace Your Windows

As a homeowner, it can sometimes seem like there’s a never-ending list of projects to work on around the house. One of these tasks is replacing the windows in your home. While this project may first seem merely aesthetic, there are several functional reasons you may need to invest in a window replacement.

There are some tell-tale signs that it might be time to upgrade your windows. The most obvious are when your windows are cracked or warped. Even small holes in your windows can have a significant effect on the amount of conditioned air that escapes your home.

If your energy bills are higher than average, it might be due to outdated windows. Investing in modern styles with more energy-efficient designs could save you money over the years.

The Best Time of Year for Window Replacement

There’s technically no “wrong” time of year to replace your windows, though there are certain seasons that continue to be more popular than others. It stands to reason that the milder seasons (i.e., spring and autumn) are especially good times to start changing your windows since you’ll experience less disruption to your home temperature at this time.

However, you’ll want to consider the fact that many homeowners will be thinking along those same lines, so some home improvement companies may have to schedule your project out a few weeks or months in advance.

Don’t disregard summer and winter as decent times to change your windows, either. While temperatures are naturally more extreme, professional window specialists know the best ways to minimize heated and cooled air loss during the renovation. You may even be able to get special discounts during the slower seasons and save more.

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