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How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows?

When the time comes to replace your old, drafty or damaged windows, the question of cost is bound to come up, especially during these challenging times.

You want the most bang for your buck, so when you’re choosing a window replacement company, you not only need to factor in how effective their products are, but also how expensive they are.

What Goes into the Cost of Replacement Windows?

The total cost of replacing your windows depends on a variety of factors. Some of these factors boil down to personal preference, while others are more general.

Factors that go into the total cost of replacing your windows include, but are not limited to, the following:


Three of the most popular types of replacement window materials are wood, vinyl and fiberglass. Each has their own pros and cons and appeal, along with their own price.

Types of Glass

The type of glass used for the replacement windows is also a major factor affecting the cost. Although energy-efficient windows will likely be more expensive, this initial cost is well-worth it because of the money you will save from future heating bills.

Window Types

Pricing can vary between the different types of windows. Common types, such as single hung, double hung, picture, and slider, are all similarly priced, but less common window systems, such as bay windows, will be priced higher due to the components and required construction.

As you might expect, the larger the window, the more glass is used, which means more expense. Because of this, it’s important to choose your window types wisely and budget accordingly.

Installation & Service Fees

Another factor that can greatly affect the overall cost of replacement windows is their installation service. The professional team at RJW Exteriors provides the highest quality window installation at an affordable price when compared to bigger name brands.


Window contractors and manufacturers offer warranties for their products and services, but they vary between companies. Picking the right warranty can help offset future costs associated with your replacement windows. One of the great benefits of using RJW Exteriors to install your windows is our unbeatable lifetime service warranty.

Choose Home Guard For Your Replacement Windows

When looking for the best, and cheapest, replacement window option, look no further than Home Guard Windows.

When compared to Pella or Renewal by Andersen, there’s no contest in terms of performance and financial feasibility.

Better yet, RJW Exteriors is proud to provide lifetime warranties for both parts and labor, even in the case of argon gas leaks and accidental breakage, meaning we’ve got you covered from all angles!

Home Guard only works with hand-picked companies of the highest quality, so you can rest assured that your window replacement is in good hands with Home Guard and RJW.

Choose RJW For All Your Replacement Window Needs

RJW has been replacing windows for more than 28 years, and we are confident that we offer the quickest and most efficient installation methods for every project that we tackle.

We offer an exceptional selection of durable, energy-efficient replacement windows from top brands such as Home Guard Windows & Doors, and we can help you decide what type of replacement window is best for your situation. Not to mention every member of our installation team is licensed and insured for your peace of mind!

Contact us today for a free consultation!