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When Is The Best Time of Year For A Door Replacement?

It can be difficult to decide what time of year is the best to have your entry door replaced. If you are a Northern New Jersey resident, keep these factors in mind:

  • Weather: Northern New Jersey is known for cold temperatures during the winter months, so it may be best to replace your entry door during a season with milder weather. Regardless of the season, our team of installers work to ensure that your home is not exposed to the elements for too long.
  • Availability: Door manufacturers and contractors usually have times of the year that are busier than others, which may impact product availability or pricing. Call for a free quote, locked in for one year, to find out availability before committing to an installation.
  • Budget: Prices for doors and installation can vary depending on the time of year. You may be able to find better deals during off-seasons when demand is lower. With energy-efficient doors in place, your savings start to increase!

The best time to replace your front door is any season from Northern New Jersey’s exterior home specialists, RJW Exteriors.

What Season Is The Best Time of Year For A Door Replacement?

Weather is one of the bigger concerns when deciding what the best time of year is for a door replacement. In reality, there are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to having your project completed during any season throughout the year.


There are benefits to replacing your door during the winter months. Winter weather means less demand for door replacements, meaning that contractors are likely to have a much lighter schedule. If you decide to schedule a winter installation, you’ll enjoy our quick installation timeline.


Spring’s warmer temperatures and longer days allow for easier and more comfortable entry door installations. Keep in mind that spring’s more comfortable temperatures may lead to longer manufacturer wait times due to the greater demand.


Like spring, summer is a very popular time for entry door replacement, but longer manufacturer wait times may be a factor during your installIf you are planning on getting your entry door replaced during the summer, planning for your project in advance may cut down on possible wait times. With RJW Exteriors locked in price for one year, you can rest easy knowing you can schedule at any time.


Similar to winter, fall tends to be a less popular time of year for a replacement entry door. Mild fall temperatures in Northern New Jersey tend to be less brutal than winter, allowing for a faster installation with less delays and more energy-saving benefits.

Replacement Entry Doors Any Time Of the Year

Whether looking for attractive front doors for homes, stylish patio doors, or tough-as-nails security doors, you can count on RJW Exteriors to deliver the best products and expert installation at competitive prices. We only install replacement doors from top brands, like ProVia.

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