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What is Included in Siding Replacement?

What is Included in Siding Replacement?

It’s official-it’s time to replace your siding. It happens to even the best homes. The weather has torn the siding from your house, or old age has caused it to deteriorate over time. Our BBB accredited siding installation company, RJW Exteriors, has a team of experts who have helped tons of homeowners with their siding projects.

That’s why we’re going to answer the big question: what is included in a siding replacement project? Why should you trust professionals when it comes to a big home renovation project like siding replacement? Our team of experienced professionals have all the answers, so when it comes time for your siding installation, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Free Project Estimates

A reputable siding installation company, like RJW Exteriors, will include a free project estimate in your siding project. The free project estimate lets you know how much to expect to pay for the products and workmanship provided by the siding company.

Companies that don’t offer the free project estimate may be trying to cover up hidden fees they don’t want you to know about, so we would watch out for them. It’s best to have an estimate on how much your project will cost before you have a team start working on your home.

Types of Siding to Choose From

Siding installation companies like RJW will have a variety of high-quality siding options for you to choose from. Vinyl is a very popular material for siding, but there are other types of siding that give your home elegance or unique flair, too.

Some of the types of siding you’ll get to choose from if you choose our siding company are:

  • Vinyl, which is Classic, Gorgeous, Low-Maintenance, and Durable
  • Insulated Vinyl, which is Energy-Efficient, Long-Lasting, and Money-Saving
  • Engineered Wood, which is Elegant, Weather-Resistant, and Durable
  • Fiber Cement, which is Modern, Durable, and Wood-Like in Appearance

Certified Professionals

Choosing a professional siding installation company means you’ll receive the workmanship of certified experts. Reputable companies like RJW will require their siding installers to be professionally trained and licensed before being considered for a position on the team.

Professionals will be able to make sure your home’s appearance stays beautiful and precise with industry-leading tools for the installation process. Not to mention, a team of experts will have years and years of combined experience that go into each siding installation project.

Product and Workmanship Warranties

RJW Exteriors is a siding installation company that includes product and workmanship warranties in every siding installation project. Warranties ensure that if anything malfunctions or goes wrong with your siding within a specified period of time, you can either get your money back or have the project redone. Ask your siding company about what their warranties entail so you know exactly what you’re getting out of the project.

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