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Sweepstakes Rules

  1. This is not a cash prize. The retail value of the Grand Prize is up to $50,000. The up to $50,000 includes the cost of labor and material.
  2. No purchase is required to enter. A purchase will not improve odds of winning.
  3. The winner will receive up to $50,000 in exterior home remodeling services, including windows and/or doors.
  4. The giveaway ends on 12/31/23.
  5. You must enter the sweepstakes before your initial consultation
  6. Should a homeowner move forward with their project prior to 12/31/23 and then they are chosen as the winner, they will be reimbursed for the retail cost of their project.
  7. The RJW Exteriors Home Makeover Giveaway is for new projects only and cannot be applied to an existing contract that dates prior to 12/31/22.
  8. Applicants must be a resident within our service area of Northern New Jersey.

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