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Signs You Need Windows For Winter

With summer coming to a close, now is the time to think about the coming winter and whether or not your windows will be able to keep the cold out and the heat in.

How Do I Know If I Need New Windows?

If you take preparatory steps to “winter-proof” your windows and home from the cold, you’re already overdue for window replacements. Elevated energy bills the last few years leave even the most energy-efficient homeowner unhappy – you may be overdue for window replacements. And if you stand by your windows right now and can feel the hot summer air coming through the frame or opening, you’re already long overdue for window replacements. Why not avoid the increased energy bills and cold drafts typical with older windows and doors and New Jersey winters?

What should you look for in a quality window?

There are five main factors to consider while searching for replacement windows: product quality, energy efficiency, insulation, pricing (of course), and warranty.

Why Home Guard Windows?

Home Guard windows perform better, last longer, are more energy efficient, and have a lifetime warranty. None of our competitors can say the same.

Energy Efficiency

An R-value shows how proficient a given insulation is at keeping heat from leaving (or entering) a home. The higher the R-value, the more effective and energy-efficient the insulation. A typical home has an R-value of 13; our windows have an R-value of 21, meaning they have even more insulative power than an average house!


Our windows are infused with argon gas for insulation and assembled in a dedicated argon chamber. This results in virtually no loss of argon gas during the manufacturing process, unlike the methods used by our competitors. Our windows also use a wide, stainless steel spacer, which, unlike the aluminum components of our competitors, does not conduct the cold, keeping you nice and toasty.

Warranty & Pricing

Home Guard has the best warranties in the entire business. Their window frames, glass, insulation, moving parts, hardware, screens, and even leaking argon gas are all covered by lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranties.

When is the Best Time to Do a Window Replacement Project?

If your house is drafty, don’t waste time doing winter-prep work; call us instead!

Summer and early fall are the perfect time for your winter window project. By winter, you’ll enjoy a dramatic reduction in energy bills (typically around 30%) and a dramatic increase in comfort. You’ll see firsthand how our windows perform regardless of season.

Choose RJW For All Your Replacement Window Needs

RJW has been replacing windows for over 29 years, and we are confident that we offer the quickest and most efficient installation methods for every project we tackle. We provide an exceptional selection of durable, energy-efficient replacement windows from top brands such as Home Guard Doors & Windows, and we can help you decide what type of replacement window is best for your situation. Not to mention, every installation team member is licensed and insured for your peace of mind!

No one should have to winter-proof their home, and with our Home Guard replacement windows, you’ll never have to again – a lifetime guarantee. Contact us today for a free consultation!