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Top Exterior Home Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2024

What do designers say are on the horizon for exterior remodeling trends in 2024? Outdoor living spaces become even more elaborate – while nature based designs, such as living walls and indoor gardens, become more popular for interiors. But when it comes to exterior architectural design, we foresee a continued focus on sustainability and energy efficiency.

Exterior Remodeling Trends 2024

Architects will continue to focus on sustainable practices and materials in 2024. Here’s what we expect in 2024 and beyond.

Large, Energy-Efficient Windows 

If you live in a region where spending time outside depends on the seasons, increasing natural lighting could be the priority. That’s why more homes in our area are designed with large, beautiful windows. 

Energy-efficient windows with advanced technologies are designed to provide superior insulation to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing your overall energy costs.

Pro Tip: Look for features like low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings, double or triple glazing, and other efficient measures. Pay attention to R-values and look for ENERGY STAR labels. 

Bold Front Entry Doors

One of our favorite design trends for 2024 is the continued use of bold colors on front entry doors. Choosing a vivid color for your steel or fiberglass front door is popular for homes with many different design styles – from modern to farmhouse. It makes a significant impact on your curb appeal and makes your home look welcoming. 

A new entry door improves the look and energy efficiency of your home’s entry. Added technology features, like lockset upgrades, increase your security which impacts an overall feeling of wellbeing . (Those with Smart Homes often get a discount on their homeowner’s insurance!)

Pro Tip: When buying a new front entry door, look for high-performing materials, customized design options, and quality product warranties.

Inviting home entrance with a vibrant yellow door and lush hanging flower baskets, exemplifying the 2024 exterior remodeling trend of adding pops of color for enhanced curb appeal.

More Efficient and Long-Lasting Siding Options

Replacement siding materials have dramatically improved over the last decade. Quality siding, like engineered wood and fiber cement siding offer functional improvements without sacrificing beauty and design. Some products are even fire-resistant! See our post about how to choose quality siding for your exterior renovation, here.

Pro Tip: Talk with a siding expert, like RJW Exteriors, before choosing the right product for your home. There are pros and cons of every type of siding – and some are more important than others.

Update Your New Jersey Home for 2024

Whether you aim to bring in more natural light without sacrificing energy efficiency – or to reduce your carbon footprint by completing an entire exterior remodel, contact RJW Exteriors in Northern New Jersey. 

We know exterior renovations may seem overwhelming. There are many style  and product options available, but what would best meet your needs?. Our team members will help. Contact a member of our team today to schedule an informative, FREE consultation. We’ll present the current style trends and show you data on which products offer the greatest energy efficiency. 

Key Takeaways: Exterior Remodeling Trends that Promote Energy Efficiency

  • Improved outdoor living spaces for entertaining will continue to be popular in 2024.
  • Bold front doors are trending for homes of every style and architectural design.
  • Energy efficiency and security continues to be the focus of homeowners when they complete exterior remodeling projects.