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Clean/Guard by Home Guard


What is Clean/Guard Coating?

Clean/Guard coating is a super smooth glass coating that will provide you with cleaner, lower-maintenance glass. Clean/Guard organically utilizes the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows visibly spotless. Remove the step of using a dry brush to remove dust and dirt from your windows before cleaning.


Why Does Ordinary Glass Get So Dirty?

Ordinary glass is considered hydrophobic, meaning that water on the glass beads up at a high rate. Additionally, ordinary glass has a rough finish, virtually invisible to the naked eye, where dirt, dust, and water get trapped. The spots you see on your windows after a few days of rain are due to the dirt and water getting stuck in the rough texture, evaporating, and leaving the dirt behind.


What Other Benefits Does Clean/Guard Have?

Home Guard windows have Neat LoĒ Glass, a superhydrophilic glass that provides the glass with a smooth surface. The Clean/Guard smooth surface smooths out the rough finish found on traditional glass and disperses water evenly. When it comes time for window cleaning, Clean/Guard removes dirt more quickly and reduces water spots simultaneously.

Clean/Guard is available for ConserVision glass with LoĒ coating and can be ordered with your replacement windows from Home Guard. ConserVision glass and Clean/Guard coating improve the Energy Saving quality of your home – by utilizing the sun’s rays to loosen dirt and water automatically. Updating your windows will allow you to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, with a more manageable cleaning schedule, too!

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