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Choosing the Right Siding: Materials, Benefits, and Costs

It could be time for new siding! With a variety of exterior siding options in the market, it is no wonder people are overwhelmed when choosing home siding products for an exterior renovation project. Here’s a comparison of two products – the materials, benefits of each product, and approximate costs.

Although many different siding options are available, let’s take some time to compare two of the high-end options – engineered wood siding and fiber cement siding.

Comparing Engineered Wood Siding and Fiber Cement Siding

Beautiful, low-maintenance siding is the perfect addition to any exterior. Keep reading to learn about the best options: fiber cement vs engineered wood siding.


Engineered wood siding is a beautiful and durable option that is fabricated by binding wood chips with weather-resistant resin.  LP® SmartSide®, is our high end pick for quality engineered wood siding product.

Fiber cement siding offers the warm look of wood – along with incredible durability. James Hardie products provide long-lasting and low-maintenance solutions after being installed on more than eight million homes.


Besides being beautiful and durable, LP® SmartSide® products feature technology that offers superior protection against hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay, and termites. SmartSide lap siding and trim come in 16′ lengths, which results in fewer visible seams, and the company offers a 50-year limited warranty.

James Hardie fiber cement products are also a beautiful and durable option. The product is woodpecker-resistant and resists even the most intrusive pests. Even more critical, Hardie Board siding is fire resistant. An extremely low-maintenance option withstanding damage from moisture and rot.

Traditional two-story home featuring blue siding and white trim, nestled among autumn trees, demonstrating the timeless appeal of choosing home siding that complements natural surroundings.


Overall value of siding replacement is one of the key features of LP® SmartSide® and James Hardie products. Siding for your home is not a one-cost-fits-all product. Custom options of color, style, and square footage needs, make each home unique. Typically, engineered wood and fiber cement siding costs less than brick or synthetic stucco, and more than vinyl.

The Most Important Factor When Choosing Home Siding

When choosing the best siding, the most important factor is working with the best exterior remodeling company in your area. If you own a home in Northern New Jersey, contact RJW Exteriors today.

You have many questions about choosing the perfect siding for your home. During your design consultation our experienced team members will go over how a quality siding product stands up to high winds and which one offers the best  UV color fading protection. Our team will also go over moisture barrier protection, and style options of how each product looks.

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Key Takeaways About Choosing Siding for Your Home

  • We will show you amazing options for your home’s siding..
  • Learn about each product’s durability, energy efficiency, style, and product warranty.
  • Seek the advice of the local exterior remodeling company to select the right product to compliment your style.