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Skylight Window Installation

If your home feels dark, dingy, or overcrowded, brighten things up with a skylight window from RJW Exteriors! We’ve been known for exceptional roofing quality since 1994, and we rely on that in-depth knowledge to deliver the same outstanding quality for our skylights.

It gets better, too.

We don’t install just any skylights; instead, we’ve chosen the very best that the industry has to offer: VELUX skylights. This manufacturer is recognized worldwide for the ultimate in beauty and performance, and we’re VELUX-certified for professional installations in every local home.

Benefits of a VELUX Skylight Installation

If you’re considering a skylight window installation, you’re likely looking forward to a boost to natural lighting in your home. But with RJW Exteriors, you can get so much more than bright sunlight out of your new skylights!

Here’s the deal.

We’re trained to install a variety of VELUX skylight models, offering you even more long-term benefits than you might have realized:

  • Improved Appearance: It’s not hard to imagine how abundant natural light can bring out the best in homes! Small rooms appear larger, and the colors of your interior décor seem richer and more vibrant.
  • Weathertight Fit: Some homeowners worry that skylights could leak or become too water-stained to allow natural light to pass through, but VELUX’s Neat® glass means that you can put these concerns aside.
  • Energy Efficiency: By reducing your home’s reliance on electrical lighting, you’ll save money on utilities and be more environmentally friendly.
  • Ventilation: That’s right—skylights can offer ventilation, too! VELUX has several Fresh Air skylights that can be opened manually or automatically to allow fresh breezes into your home.
  • Lighting Control: If you’d like to control when your skylights are lit or shaded, we can install models with solar-powered or manual blinds.

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